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Who We Are

AppLyst is a College Application App, with an MVP already on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, providing a personalized, pre-loaded task manager that makes the college application process easier: to understand, to fill in the application and to manage the process. Every year over 3 million American and Foreign students actually enroll in US undergraduate colleges, providing us with a five-year potential market of around 15 million users.  We project that we will have around 1 Million Paid Users within 5 years.

Based on our own personal experience going through the application process, and with a working Basic Product on the Apple App Store, (over 4000 downloads) plus a detailed College Database of around 3000 colleges built using Web Scraping and Crowdsourcing, AppLyst will use the $500,000 and other resources you will provide in order to complete the development of the full product and start aggressive marketing.

AppLyst is unique in that we provide customized and detailed data for each college you select and add to your list. Our strength is in the DATA.

AppLyst is the first full-fledged Solution based on the new Platform that we are building. Future solutions will be in: Help with managing Mortgages, Weddings, Building a new Business, and many more. "Providing answers to Expensive and Painful Questions".

Following a recent change of Founders, AppLyst is now headed by Solly Tamari - CEO (Israel), Anton Trakht - VP R&D (Ukraine and Israel) and Dr. Bruce Neimeyer - VP Marketing and Product Development (USA). Moreover, AppLyst now has a very strong and broad (over 30 developers) team at its disposal and is geared to move "full speed ahead!"

White Feather

Solly Tamari

CEO - Co-Founder

An experienced & effective R&D and General Manager, an entrepreneur & an activator. Has managed and started several successful companies


Anton Trakht

VP–R&D - Co-Founder

CEO of Kultprosvet (a software dev. company), with 10 years experience in technology plus brings the full resources of his company. 30+ emp.

Picture Bruce Neimeyer - LinkedIn.jpg

Bruce Neimeyer, Ph.D

VP - Prod. Dev. & Marketing

Over 30 years in enrollment management Was President of the New Jersey Association for College Admissions Counselors (NJACAC) and various committees for NACAC. 


Stas Volnyansky 


 A software developer with 17 years of experience in various technologies including mobile and web development and project architecture.

Meet Our Team

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