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Tips for College Applications

5 Tips for creating an awesome admissions application


  1. Starting your application early will make it better. 

  2. Do something: Actively get involved in something that is your passion and make a difference.

  3. Do your homework on your colleges like understanding the unique features of their curriculum so that you can articulate factors like this in your admissions essays. 

  4. Be an awesome storyteller so that you create an application that admissions counselors really want to read! 

  5. Nothing is optional in your application. Every question is another opportunity to tell a different part of your story. 

5 Tips for Letters of Recommendations


  1. Be sure to choose individuals who will comment on different qualities about you that you wish to highlight in your application. 

  2. Make sure they are teachers from Junior and Senior year. Freshmen teachers might be ok if they can write a powerful recommendation but college prefer those in your recent years. 

  3. Give your references some guidance. Don’t leave the content of their letters to chance. When asking them, tell them why you chose them and what you hoped they would discuss in your letter. Most of them appreciate your ability to narrow what they should write about. 

  4. Ask them early! We recommend asking these individuals if they would write your letter toward the end of your Junior year. Especially if they are a popular teacher who will be asked by many students. 

  5. Make sure the individuals you choose are most relevant to your major. For example, if you are pursuing Engineering, your physics or calculus teacher would make the most sense.

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